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Updated 2/9/2018

U N C L E 

we politely decline modification to our menu. please inform your server of any allergies or restrictions.



ROASTED BROCCOLINI - fresno, pickled broccolini stem, crispy shallot crumble  6

BLISTERED SHISHITO - ichimi, goma shio, black garlic aioli  8

BRANZINO SASHIMI* - tom yum, lemongrass, chili oil, micro greens  11

COLORADO WAGYU BEEF* - 7X Ranch sirloin, fingerlings, kimchi butter, micro greens  12

RADICCHIO SALAD - coconut, shallot, lemongrass, green papaya, spicy cashews  9

EDAMAME - poké sauce, miso powder, serrano, lime  8

CHILLED TOFU - ginger, soy vinaigrette, wakame  5

S & P QUAIL - fried quail, orange marmalade, szechaun, shishito peppers, lime  10



PORK BELLY - hoisin, cucumber, scallion  9***    

FRIED CHINESE EGGPLANT - roasted miso mayo, red cabbage, plum vinaigrette  8             

SHRIMP - spicy mayo, pickled shallot, romaine  8

SOFT SHELL CRAB - kohlrabi slaw, coconut mayo, cilantro nam prik  10



CHILI PORK* - white shoyu broth, spicy ground pork, kimchi, scallion, soft egg  14.5

SPICY CHICKEN* - spicy sesame broth, confit chicken, bean sprouts, scallion, soft egg  14.5

CHASHU* - shoyu broth, pork belly, marinated sprouts, arugula, scallion, soft egg  14.5 

DUCK* - shoyu broth, confit duck, arugula, gala apples, shichimi togarashi, scallion, soft egg  14.5

VEGGIE* - vegan miso broth, mushrooms, arugula, scallion, soft egg  14.5



COLD SPICY SESAME NOODLES - chicken, granny smith apple, arugula, cashew, togarashi  14

SPICED LAMB - rice, colorado lamb, fennel, carrot, pepper, coconut milk  17



SPICY BOMB - miso pepper paste  2    BONITO BOMB - garlic, sesame, fish powder blend  2



***$1 FROM EACH ORDER DURING FEBRUARY WILL GO TO:  ROUNDUP RIVER RANCH   Camps and programs creating opportunities for children with serious illnesses to discover joy and confidence.


*these items may be served raw or undercooked based on your preference consuming raw or undercooked meat, fish and eggs may pose health risks